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"Variations of Virtuoso"
« Painting and music are equally beautiful, but I had to make a choice…
And now it is in painting that I must find a melody… »

Max-Agostini (1914-1997)
Max-Agostini loved the Arts. When he wasn’t working, he put his brushes aside to play the piano. Ardent music lover, passionately fond of painting, Max-Agostini chose pictorial art to express himself totally. So music became a delight for him and influenced his works. He particularly appreciated Chopin, Schumann and Liszt and often improvised in their styles. He adopted Jean Le Rond d’Alembert’s (1717-1783) remark as his own “Any music that doesn’t visually evoke something is only noise”. Max-Agostini composed his paintings like musicians, making his canvases sing and varying the subjects according his paintings according to his mood and fascination.

Janet Greenberg, Max-Agostini’s exclusive worldwide agent, has shared this love of Art with the painter. She has thus privileged painting, music and cinema in her gallery. Through a selection of thirty canvases, you will discover Max-Agostini’s works regrouping various subjects as landscapes, seascapes, still lifes or views of Provence, of the Berry region, or of Giverny. “Gondolas in Venice”, “Still Life with Peaches and Cherries”, “The entry of the Old Port of Marseilles” and “The Village of Gargilesse” are gathered together in this new exhibition by the painter.

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