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MAX-AGOSTINI in Gargilesse 1965-1966

Self-Portrait 1964


(1914 - 1997)

Master of Contemporary Impressionism

MAX-AGOSTINI, of Corsican origin from his grandparents, was born in 1914.  He discovered his talent for Impressionistic painting while studying at the Paris Beaux-Arts School.

Drafted into the French army for five years during the Second World War, MAX-AGOSTINI was a prisoner of war for three years.

During the postwar years, he was already recognized as an excellent portrait and landscape artist in Châteauroux, where he lived for several years. Later, he moved to Gargilesse in the Berry region, and to Provence. He died in January 1997, but painted his greatest canvases just a few days just before his hospitalization.

Recognized in his own time as one of the world's greatest colorists and the Master of Contemporary Impressionism, his presence at the opening of his many exhibitions in Paris gave his admirers a chance to know the artist, as well as his paintings: "Lavender," "Red Poppy Fields," bright "Spring  Flowered Countrysides," "Water Reflections on Lakes," "Still Lifes," and "Bouquets."

For over the past twenty-five years an exclusive contract with the MARTIN-CAILLE MATIGNON Gallery's owner, Janet GREENBERG, enabled MAX-AGOSTINI's works to be known and appreciated worldwide.  With a permanent exhibition of his works, the MARTIN-CAILLE MATIGNON Gallery, located directly across from the Hotel Le Bristol at 75 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris (eighth district), has welcomed collectors and admirers from over seventy countries.  Beginning September 22nd, 1999 on the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the MARTIN-CAILLE MATIGNON Gallery, Janet GREENBERG inaugurated the exhibition:  "25 Years with Impressionism - A Gallery Director's Choice" and presented twenty-six paintings of MAX-AGOSTINI's works representing the years 1974-1999.